What makes us different


It is PURE POTENT PROFESSIONAL at its best. Not many skincare ranges can claim to be chemical free AND actively potent. This is skincare that gets results for skin with no compromise.
This skincare is 100% handcrafted! Its ingredients are sourced locally where possible, organic where possible and with 100% Natural ingredients always!
It is highly concentrated so it needs to be used with damp fingertips or water should be added. The spritzer needs only 1 -2 pumps as its fine mist covers the face surface. The serum and moisture cremes are applied to damp skin allowing even application.
And its active! It contains the highest levels of vitamin C - natures regeneration secret, and hyluaronic acid - the ultimate in moisture retention. And many many more amazing oils and extracts (look to the website for more information)....
High preforming ingredients with no compromise to your health...you couldn't ask for more.