how to use - at home

I trust you will enjoy the experience of these beautiful products and that the ritual will be something you look forward too.

The ideal ritual would be to begin the morning with a skincare regime and repeat again in the evening. Give yourself the few minutes to make your skin amazing.
Mornings are vital to cleanse the skin of night debris and prepare and protect it for the day. Nights to remove the day debris and make up and pollution and to prepare for the amazing processes of rejuvenation, repair and regeneration that happens as we sleep.


Let's begin with cleansing. Remember Lisa Goodeve products are concentrated so you only need 1 -2 pumps. Add water to this and massage all over the face, neck and décolletage in gentle circular motions. Remove with water and a muslin cloth. 

Also great for make up removal. If you're using mascara use an extra pump and warm in fingertips, massage over eyes and remove with cotton pads.


The next step is to tone the skin with the spritzer. 1 - 2 sprays over the face is sufficient. This is process to balance the ph of the skin after cleansing and to deliver water soluble ingredients deep into the skin for optimum skin health. 
While the skin is damp with spritzer is the ideal time to apply the next product. In some skins it will be the intensive repair serum. Apply 1 -2 pumps all over the face, neck and décolletage. This is a treatment product so it penetrates to do its work and you will find after 1/2 a minute or so that it has absorbed.


Apply moisture crème at this stage whether it is the balancing crème (oily/young/problem) hydrating crème (lighter) or rejuvenating (richer) to face, neck and décolletage. A small pea size is sufficient. Warm the crème between your fingertips to spread more efficiently.


Follow this with the firming eye crème. A split pea size is plenty. Apply from the finger tip around the eye area beginning at the outer eye and working under to the middle and then over the brow bone.
The deep cleansing exfoliant is also an important part of your ritual. It removes excess build up, dead cells, unclogs surface pores and allows better penetration of product with a more refined surface to work through. Essential for everyone but use does vary. If you have a sensitive skin once weekly is probably sufficient. Oily around 3-4 , dry 2 - 4, normal 1-2. You can do the exfoliant treatment instead of the cleansing step but only if you have no make up on (Best time is the morning for that reason, save a step!)


Then the only thing remaining is the rest of your body. Why have a beautiful face and forget the rest? Nourishing body butter is vital for total body skin health. Massage as much and as often as needed. The body often needs that extra attention, particularly exposed areas.

So often we neglect ourselves so it's time to start caring. Got questions?

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