About Us

Find your confidence 

Over the years, I have seen many faces and used many products. I’ve learnt that our faces act like a billboard, advertising the state of our health and vitality. When we don’t love our skin, it shows - and no matter your age, this can cause deep insecurities. My strength is in helping you feel happy in your skin so you can regain confidence in your world.

Specialist in natural skincare 

Adding chemicals to your skin is just like ingesting them, but it can be difficult to find organic products that work. As an experienced beauty therapist, I have spent years creating and perfecting healthy skincare products that use natural yet highly active ingredients to give you the best possible results. 
With every batch, the potency and concentrations remain the same but the appearance and fragrance changes with the seasons. You know something is fresh and natural when you can see the seasons in the jar!



Packaging is minimal and recyclable and all ingredients are sourced from companies with sustainable and ethical protocols. I never test products on animals. My production room and salon are committed to planet-friendly practices. 

My story

Lisa Goodeve Facials

As a beauty therapist, I felt I owed my clients the best results, but I wasn’t prepared to accept chemical compromises. I knew that getting results naturally was possible – so why weren’t there any pure, potent, professional products available on the salon shelves?
Working with a knowledgeable formulator, I built on my experience in active, organic and local ingredients and we set about creating a full range of completely natural skincare products. I tested my products on willing clients, family and friends, tweaking the recipes until I was sure every product was perfect.
Now, with over a dozen products split across four ranges, I take delight in seeing customers achieve happy skin naturally. I teach pre-teens the foundations of skincare; I see teens end their struggle with acne; I help busy workers and tired parents regain their confidence. Putting your best face forward is truly life-changing.