my story

Being a beauty therapist for over 20 years means I have used many products, seen many faces and discovered two truths.

The first is our faces and hands act like a billboard, advertising our health and vitality. Poor skin worries people and is often the first thing my clients refer to when I see them

The second is that adding chemicals to your skin is like ingesting them. We seek natural skincare alternatives yet all too often find them lacking the potency of dermatology based, professional salon products. Its no wonder we end up disappointed and back down the chemical route.

As a beauty therapist I felt conflicted. I wanted to give my clients the best results possible, using highly active ingredients, naturally.


So I created Lisa Goodeve 100% Natural Skincare and now a full range of 100% natural skincare products has emerged, giving me the freedom to use highly concentrated doses of active ingredients without fear of unknown added chemicals.

Obviously the results were important but I also wanted honesty across the whole supply chain. Based in the lush Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, we source ingredients locally and the traceability of this means we know where the contents of each jar come from and that 70% of these will always be organic.

With every batch the potency and the concentrations remain but the appearance and fragrance of the products change. You know something is fresh and natural when you can see the seasons in a jar.

We don’t use artificial intervention to hold our products together either. We rely on a gentle shake before use. It’s simple. It’s natural. We meant for it to be that way.

It’s been a fantastic journey getting to this point.

The results and the constant feedback that my clients love their naturally beautiful, vibrant, supple skin are more than I ever expected.

Your skin should be all you need to put your best face forward. With my products it can be.

Lisa x