Rave Reviews

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"I will never use anything else again. I'm absolutely converted! "
- Kristy,  Tauranga. 
"I love your products. They are amazing. I stopped using anything else. " - Agnes Whakamarama Tauranga
"I have your beautiful creams and I can vouch its a top quality range that delivers great results"
- Linda, Pahoia.Tauranga.
"My soon to be sister in law was told her skin was in really bad condition at her makeup trial. I gifted her your product and in 4 days the makeup artist was amazed at how beautiful her skin was to work on"
- Stine Bethlehem Tauranga

I was fed up with my frown lines and was  just about to do something  drastic and unnatural. However after getting advise fro Lisa I decided to wait and see how her approach worked out. Scrub them, take hemp oil and collagen powder. So I did and after a few month I was looking in mirror to find they have faded down and seem to just be blending into my face more .... amazing!? So now encouraged I’m doing that and trying to drinks loads of water too. I am so grateful to Lisa for all her great advise and commitment always researching and producing new  ways to help us with our skin.

Mel Pendergast - Tauranga

Lisa thanks for recommending your Vit C serum I love it and it has been the most effective serum for my mature skin that I have used in sometime. Pure Vit C for the skin it feels so so good and pure (no parabens). I love the glass packaging also that preserves the serum so well. This product has been a game changer for me and my skin I would thoroughly recommend it in fact have to several friends. Cannot wait to try my next amazing product from your range ! I am hooked.

Brigid Galletly - Auckland

Morning, I actually can’t believe how good my skin feels after less than one week of using your product!!!!!!!

Lucy Rust - Canterbury

Dear Lisa. I just want to let you know that I have been using your wonderful products for over two years. As I am well over the 70 years mark my skin was becoming drier and drier and no matter what I seemed to put on it didn’t seem to make any difference. Then I met you and started using the firming eye creme, intensive repair serum, and the rejuvenating creme. My skin straight away felt softer and smoother and I don’t think it has aged any further. Thank you for being the genius you are making and creating such great products. I am more than satisfied with the way they keep the moisture in my skin.

Maureen Gilroy - Omokoroa

I have now been using the Age Repair Collection for just over 2 months and can say I am very happy with the results! I am lucky to have good skin overall but these products have improved it even more. My fine lines around my eyes have minimised, especially in the corners of my eyes and my skin is super smooth all over. In winter I can be susceptible to drier skin, but with using the Revitalising Spritzer and Hydrating Creme in the morning and adding the Renew Facial Oil to my regime at night, I haven’t had any dryness! I also loved the Vitamin C Serum, I had been looking for a serum for a while and this one hit the mark!  Having just had my first baby, these products are such a treat to use and are quick and easy with awesome results for a tired new Mum! 

Thanks Lisa, love your products and will be purchasing again! Xx

Lauren - Mt Maunganui

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the time and effort you have put into creating your beautiful skin care range. Thought I would flick you an email to let you know how I am going :) My skin feels wonderfully soft as my moisturiser is now being absorbed instead of sitting on the top! My lazy eye is not so lazy anymore thanks to your eye cream!
My deep wrinkles around my eyes have reduced & I am sure will continue to! My whiteheads are no longer! I have never used a spritzer before and love it ... Definitely sensing & feeling the acid doing it's thing when I apply the moisturiser and after a minute or so it goes back to normal. My skin overall ... looks cleaner, fresher & a wee bit younger lol. Very grateful x

- Kerri Wison - Christchurch

I love these products and would recommend them to everyone! Before switching to Lisa's products, I had tried other natural brands from chemists and supermarkets, but my skin always felt 'tight' after. Lisa's products make your skin feel instantly nourished and glowing. Because they are the real thing, the products last for ages, making them economical as well. There is no going back once you have used them. They are fabulous.

- Megs Ryan - Omokoroa

I have used many other expensive and branded skincare in the past.  Since using the Lisa Goodeve range my skin has never felt so great.  I love that it is a simple yet effective daily routine to follow, that gives fantastic results.

- Fiona Jackson - Tauranga

I have been using  Lisa Goodeve product now for more than 5 years and have seen such a drastic improvement in my skin. I complete the full regime every night with the cleanser, spritzer, eye cream and moisturiser and use the scrub 3 times/week. I don’t know a lot about the science behind it but I know that they carry a large concentration of Vitamin C and a huge amount of active natural ingredients. I feel very loyal to this brand and would recommend anyone to try it.

- Kristy Hunter - Pahoia

I've been going to Lisa for beauty treatments for 20+ years and she really knows her stuff! So when she developed her own line of all natural skincare products I was so excited to try them out! I'm absolutely loving her range, it feels so good on my skin and people often tell me my skin looks fabulous for my age! Thank you Lisa.

- Sherill Pratt - Tauranga

I love these products! I've been using them for several years and have converted many friends who always ask what I use on my skin. I changed from an expensive dermatological brand after deciding that what I put on my skin was super important. I love that all of Lisa Goodeve products are natural and make my skin feel fabulous. Thank you Lisa for making such great skincare that truly makes my skin glow!

- Fi Syme - Whakamarama