Are you looking for a bespoke botanical range where every ingredient is expertly chosen for its active skincare properties? Do you value skincare products that contain no synthetic ingredients? Are eco-concious and sustainable practices important to you?  Do you value quality?

I truly do. And the lack of honest, natural, hardworking skincare on the market prompted me to create Lisa Goodeve 100% Natural Skincare. In fact feeding the skin honest goodness is what drives me.

As an internationally qualified aesthetician with United Kingdom, European and New Zealand skincare diplomas,  I have studied the structure and function of the skin and I understand how it works.  I have taken that knowledge and with more than 20 years of clinical experience I have created products to deliver results. My determination is to meet these needs with the finest, most pure, active ingredients without compromise. It comes as no surprise then that the ingredient selection cornerstones for my skincare range are: active, honest, natural and pure.

Every Lisa Goodeve 100% Natural Skincare product is a unique combination of powerful botanicals and active natural concentrations, without any product compromise through artificial ingredients or fillers. I absolutely believe chemical ingredients to be unnecessary and toxic to your skin and you so you won’t find any in my skincare, ever. 

Our planet is also important to me so my products are delivered in recyclable reuseable systems and all the packaging and administration is zero waste. If your in the Bay of Plenty pass on your return jars and bottles or anywhere else they are recyclable.

Also important is the ingredient selection. Where possible I choose organic but I also love to support local, ethical, sustainable companies with outstanding practises. Every single ingredient is researched and only the finest selected. 

I invite you to browse this site and learn more about a skincare range with products that found their roots from my studies and extensive experience as a natural clinician and was completed with my passion for natural health to deliver fantastic results for your skin.  

I sincerely hope you love the benefits of my range to bring you beautiful skin so you can put your best face forward.

Warmest wishes

Lisa x