Manuka Honey - A superfood for your skin

I truly love manuka honey! It smells wonderful, tastes wonderful. It's delicious with banana and cinnamon on sourdough toast and best of all it's AMAZING for your skin.

I use manuka honey with a UMF of over 10+ because of its potency and because of the incredible research into its powerful properties for skin benefit.

Honey has been used for thousands of years for skin treatment and continues to be a very important ingredient to assist many skin needs.

-Anti aging. As a humectant honey will draw water to itself so will increase hydration in the skin. As an emollient it will moisturise and soften the skin by adding moisture to the cells. It has powerful antioxidant properties so will neutralise free radical damage that prevents the skin from damage that causes aging from aggravators such as sun exposure, screen emissions, pollution, stress. 

-Calming soothing. Powerful anti-inflammatory results can be achieved. Settling red or reactive, irritated or unsettled skin. And through to wound healing so eczema, dermatitis, acne and even burning such as sun damage can be assisted with honey.

-Vitamin and mineral tool. Vitamin B3, potassium and zinc can be delivered for skin health using manuka honey.

- Acne or breakouts. As a powerhouse with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties the assistance it gives to addressing acne and problematic skin is huge. Reducing the bacteria means healing can happen faster and skin can be kept cleaner and clearer. Scarring will be reduced as will inflammation and the acne can begin to clear.

Truly incredible ingredient and it is used in many of your Lisa Goodeve products.