Winter skin change! EEEk cold weather sucks but we can help!

Our skin functions happily day to day.... hydrated, happy, clear, radiant... then autumn/winter skin hits! And things often need to change.

It's not easy moving into colder bleaker days at the best of times but when your skin starts suffering too it sucks! 

Moisture is what is affected in winter.

Skins moisture comes from two places. Oil and water. Lack of oil is dryness, lack of water is dehydration.

In the colder months we tend to move from very cold settings to very warm settings. From the fireside to the outdoors. The spa in and out. The car warmth then the outdoors. Our skin doesn't cope with that rapid change and it constricts. The moisture is used up very quickly and the need to replace increases. 

In this instance its best to increase the level of what you are using. If you are using the Balancing creme move to Hydrating creme. If your on Hydrating creme move to Rejuvenating creme. The introduction too of the Intensive Repair Serum for day and or Renew Facial Oil for night can get you through beautifully. Add these to your ritual, Intensive Repair Serum under day creme and Renew Facial oil under Night creme. 

If your really feeling parched the Renew Facial Oil can be used as often as you like and it's so regenerating! 5 x higher in bio available vitamin A than rosehip it's a skin saviour!

Other awesome saves for the skin that has seen winter already and feeling dry are 

- manuka honey as a face mask, or avocado mashed and spread over the face

- our eye creme spread thickly around the eye area and lip area and rejuvenating creme spread thick as an all over mask for 10 -20 mins 

There is also almost zero humidity in the air for moisture. So dehydration needs to be addressed.

- Soaking skin.. Cloth bathing of the face or soaking of the body in Oatmeal or Baking Soda for softness. 

-  To drink water - make a big pot of herbal tea and drink it cold through the day. It's so easy to drink with a little something more than water or a slice or squeeze of lemon or lime or sprig of mint in water

Hand creme and Body Butter is essential too, we can't forget to nourish and protect the skin all over our body!

These little changes should help get your skin through this seasonal change and then you can snuggle up by the fire for the next few months without worrying about drying your skin.

Warmest wishes 

Lisa x