When to get your teen using skincare.

A really common question is "when should my kids start using skincare?"

Often the motivation comes when they start suffering from pimples and blackheads. This is definitely time to get them help with good skincare but even better is to get started before that happens. As puberty begins to make changes in our young ones, the skin is almost always affected in some way. Sometimes it can be small areas of pimples or blackheads on the chin and nose or it can be very extreme with large areas of angry looking pustular acne that can be very painful and certainly very embarrassing. Educating our children to look after their skin with a good basic regime can support the skin through these changes and help to keep normal balance and prevent the acne situation from arising. 

"Is there any time thats too young to start?"

Usually puberty starts around age 10 (but can start earlier) so somewhere around this age is good. I do find if they are showing an interest earlier its best to start then as if they have instigated something the follow through is there. All our products are very safe and completely natural and designed for young skin so if they are a little younger there is no harm done.

What do they need to get started?

The first step and probably the most important is cleansing. You really want to ensure they are not cleansing their faces with soap. Or any other soap based cleanser such as a foaming cleanser. Often these sorts of products are marketed to young people as they will strip away all oils which leaves that squeaky clean feel. Someone with oily skin thinks they want this but what that actually does is dehydrates the skin surface severely which sends a message to the brain to produce more oil to fix that problem. The excess of oil then gets trapped as the skin is dry and tight so blackheads and blockages form. Those types of products are all marketing based and are the exact opposite of what a young or oily skin needs. A gentle light creme cleanser with properties to draw and clean and clear only surface excess of oil is ideal. Achieving perfect balance is what we are working on. Our balancing cleanser is light, throughly cleanses impurities and surface oil and with lovely lime it feels refreshed and toned but it hasn't been stripped dry.

Step 2

The 2nd step is spritzing which is where we can get active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This product is designed to be absorbed into the skin to deliver the goodness to where the cells are building and correct and create perfect balance. 

Step 3

The 3rd step is to then moisturise the outer layers of the skin with a very light creme. This will nourish the surface and help protect the skin from the elements and allow supple skin so pores don't block and oil can flow freely to do its job. It is important to use a creme designed for young skins as sharing a creme for older skin will be too heavy and nourishing and will create problems like blockages and breakouts.

A combination of these 3 products should be all your teen needs to begin. If they have great skin and are very young, just start with the cleansing and then add the moisture. Move to the spritz when/if the skin starts changing. If they are already having problems then these 3 will help to balance things out but to fast track that regular use of the deep cleansing exfoliant is suggested. This can be used every other day until skin clears and then maintenance of once a week will be sufficient. That is a general guideline but if you're not sure or want support then please reach out. I love working with people to give personal advice on using the products and consultations are great as often children hear things better from someone who isn't their parent :-)

Problem skin can be so debilitating and really knock confidence so giving your children the gift of good skincare is such a worthwhile investment.  It sets such a good foundation for a lifetime of looking after themselves too.  

Warmest wishes