Mask acne, a new skincare problem.

The crazy time we have found ourselves in has not been kind and the new trend of mask wearing has been having an impact on our poor skin. A new mask acne has started occurring. From small spots to full blown acne in the masked area or rash type dry patches have been common. 

Not surprising when we are designed to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide with each breath we take. This can’t happen efficiently when we have a covering over our breathing apparatus! 

The build up of that stale air and carbon dioxide is being held against our precious skin for often hours as we are forced to work with these for sometimes hours at a time. 

So what can be done to prevent this and if it’s already been creating a problem for you, how to fix it? 

Firstly, where possible limit your mask use to let your skin breathe. 

If you are having to wear one for hours a pure cotton one will be far better than synthetic as it will allow better transference of air.

Have several masks with you and change every hour or so to keep them fresh.

Or use disposable ones as they are not so closely fitted which is what is trapping the air and causing the problem. 

Then as soon as you get home cleanse your skin, don’t wait for your bedtime ritual. Give it a chance to recover and rebalance and for cell respiration to restore. And then continue with your full ritual. 

You should be doing your usual skin ritual every morning and do ensure you wear a GOOD sunscreen even if your working indoors to help protect.

This should really help prevent mask acne. If however you have already encountered problems you want to know how to clear it up! 

As well as following the above tips, you can increase your use of exfoliant to daily to clear the outbreak  When you get home, cleanse, then exfoliate. When it clears cut this back. 

Intensive Repair Serum is an amazing tool for repair and correction with its 25% vitamin C content so will be a useful tool to clear up those breakouts. 

And if your finding your really susceptible to this mask acne, the Healing Skin Saviour is a great protection tool while you are wearing your mask. It gives a really solid layer of protection with its beeswax base. 

The most important things to remember are treating your skin to kindness. Really nurture it and treat it well. Its not easy being buried under a layer!