Do I really need a spritzer?

I am asked this a lot but let me tell you what the purpose of this mystery product is.

Spritzers are a water based, or in Lisa Goodeve products, hydrosols (which is the water byproduct of essential oil distillation that adds extra active properties to the water).  With a water base it will penetrate to the deeper basal layers of the epidermis where cell renewal activity happens. Imagine now adding to this water a collection of active ingredients to deliver a whole range of active ingredients to that basal layer...

-to strengthen collagen with Grape seed oil

-provide antioxidant activity with Green tea extract

-prevent the water from evaporation with Hyluaronic acid

-increase elastin production with Rosehip oil

-balance Ph and provide anti bacterial protection with UMF manuka

-contract tissue to reduce pores with Witch hazel

-reduce inflammation with Aloe Vera

- allow natural vitamin D formation and protect from sundamage with Coconut oil

-support natural sebum production with Olive squalene

-restructure and tone with Jojoba oil

-protect against cellular damage with Hemp seed oil

-introduce high vitamin content with Camellia oil

- draw and retain moisture with vegetable glyerine

This level of activity delivered to the basal layers ensures that where regeneration and renewal of the cells takes place there is support and solutions for healthy balanced skin cells. 

So knowing now what a spritzer can do for the skin I'm quite confident you are going to want to include this vital step in your daily ritual right?

And as well as all that, the spritzers feel refreshing, soothing, cooling and awaken the senses with gorgeous essential oil blends. 

 So I guess the answer is yes, you really do need a spritzer LOL