Is Peri-menopause or Menopuse impacting your skin health?

Is peri-menopause or menopause impacting your skin health?
Lately there has been a growing awareness and discussion around menopause and the shift into it (peri-menopause) It's wonderful that discussion is opening around this and knowledge and guidance becoming more readily available to assist us with these changes to our bodies, lifestyle and personality!
So many changes can happen for each individual but inevitability the skin changes for everyone through this time. Studies have shown that our collagen production drops around 30% in the first 5 years of the transition! And it continues to decline. Collagen is the network that acts like framework under the surface. Estrogen enables the skin to retain this so when our estrogen levels drop, this breaks down and the skin sags and lines and wrinkles form. We also lose fat under the skin and elastin fibres decrease, also contributing to the wrinkle factor.
With the estrogen loss, our skins ability to produce and protect natural oils decreases creating dry skin. The skin cells ability to retain hydration decreases also. This dryness contributes to the skin lining and also makes the skin dull and we lose radiance.
Those that suffer from hot flushes can have the added disadvantage of capillary damage from this pressure on those as the blood surges dramatically through them.
Acne can also be a side effect as hormones struggle to balance themselves.
And pigmentation can become more problematic with the hormonal changes making the skin more susceptible to sundamage and age spots.
Lots of changes so if this is where you are at now might be a really good time to address your skin care rituals.
Are you using a good cleanser? One that will effectively remove debris without stripping any precious natural oils?
Are you spritzing to get deep penetration of hydration right down into the cells deeper in the skin?
Is it time to introduce a serum? Intensive repair serum will give you 25% vitamin C which helps address every one of the problems listed above associated with menopausal change. It can rebuild collagen, increase regeneration, improve tone and texture, support capillary repair and reduce pigmentation.
Is your moisturiser still hydrating enough? Do you need to introduce a richer one at night? Or a richer one day and night?
Maybe you need to add an oil? Renew facial oil is particularly beneficial as it is a blend of incredible regenerating oils that will actually penetrate the skin and not sit on the surface.
Have a look here at our Age Repair Collection and see the benefits of each product. This range features incredible active ingredients of green tea extract, pomegranate oil, evening primrose, Vitamin E and hyluaronic acid.
I do highly recommend using a collagen supplement but the most obvious improvements to your skin will be with great skin care that addresses these changes.
Is it time to start taking better care of your skin or making changes if your skin needs are changing? If your not sure what your skin needs please reach out and I can assist you find a skin ritual just for you.
Warmest of wishes,
Lisa xxx